What's New in EasyWorship
Mar 3, 2023
General Enhancements
General Bug Fixes
Feb 7, 2023
General Bug Fixes
Jan 31, 2023
CCLI Auto-Reporting
Enable auto-reporting for SongSelect by CCLI and have all of your song activity automatically reported.
General Enhancements
General Bug Fixes
Jan 3, 2023
General Bug Fixes
Dec 9, 2022
General Bug Fixes
Nov 16, 2022
General Bug Fixes
General Enhancements
Aug 15, 2022
General Enhancements
General Bug Fixes
Jul 29, 2022
SongSelect Integration
Browse, search, and import lyrics from SongSelect by CCLI directly into the Song Library.
Premium Media Integration
Browse, filter, and import Premium Media directly into the Media Library.
Connect and control EasyWorship schedules on different computers using MIDI In & Out.
New Web Browser
Go live with any web page or video from YouTube or Vimeo.
General Enhancements
General Bug Fixes
Oct 26, 2021
General Bug Fixes
Sep 14, 2021
Alternate Output
Use of multiple outputs allows for different displays for in-house or livestream events while combined with themes.
Create new designs with the addition of the Shape Engine in the Editor. Also, use shapes as masks for videos and images.
Element Rotation
Rotate text, shapes, and media elements using the Editor.
Contiguous View
View your whole schedule in the live window selector of Preview and Live Combined view.
General Enhancements
General Bug Fixes
Nov 23, 2020
General Bug Fixes
Jul 23, 2020
General Bug Fixes
Jun 25, 2020
Memory Extended for 64-bit systems
Extended addressable memory from 2GB to 4GB on 64-bit systems (2GB to 3GB on 32-bit)
Support for NDI Version 4
Added NDI version 4 support
General Enhancements
General Bug Fixes
May 8, 2020
General Bug Fixes
Feb 5, 2019
General Bug Fixes
Jan 8, 2019
NDI Update
Updated to NewTek NDI 3.8. Added native NDI HX support.
General Bug Fixes
Nov 12, 2018
General Bug Fixes
Nov 7, 2018
Midi Support - Subscription Only
Added support for Abelton Live and other MIDI input devices.
Android App
Added Android Remote App
Apple Watch App
Added support for Apple Watch App (Available in the App Store)
Support for Transparent WebM Files
Added support for transparent webm files. Removed side-by-side and top-to-bottom support.
General Bug Fixes
Feb 22, 2018
PowerPoint Import Fix
Fixed an issue with PowerPoint 32Bit not rendering custom text styles correctly.
Feb 22, 2018
General Bug Fixes
Dec 28, 2017
Remote Control App Fix
Added some changes to remote control for acknowledgement of valid connection. This is needed for new iOS remote beta.
Dec 6, 2017
Dark Theme
Now you can switch between a dark and light interface.
Slide Look and Color
Easily know where you are at in song slides with the added ability to color slides based on verse, chorus and bridge.
Alpha Channel Video
Layer text over video over your live feed and get the professional look you've been wanting.
Multiple Lines on Foldback Video
Keep the Foldback Screen informative as possible with the ability to use multiple lines.
Copyright Visible on First Slide Only
Keep your song slides clean with the option of copyright only available on the first slide.
Support NDI as a Live Output
Use your live output as an NDI stream to a video mixer or other computer with EasyWorship.
Support NDI as a Capture Source
With NDI as a capture source, anything with NDI capabilities is now your camera. From your smart phone to the actual camera you bought for filming.
Added Undo and Redo to Editor
Want to try something new with your design? Go for it! Undo is here and on your side.
Remote App (iOS)
The Remote App for EasyWorship is now available for iOS devices. Control is now in the palm of your hand.
EasyWorship software now has the ability to operate through subscription pricing, so that the software becomes more affordable for your budget.
General Bug Fixes
Oct 14, 2021
General Bug Fixes
Oct 13, 2021
General Bug Fixes
Feb 5, 2019
General Bug Fixes
Build 6.7.13
Jan 8, 2019
General Bug Fixes
Build 6.7.11
Nov 7, 2018
General Bug Fixes
Feb 22, 2018
General Bug Fixes
Build 6.7.9
Feb 22, 2018
General Bug Fixes
Build 6.7.8
Sep 18, 2017
Convert Data to EasyWorship 6 Fix
Fixed an issue with not being able to convert data from older versions.
Build 6.7.7
Sep 12, 2017
Convert Data to EasyWorship 6 Fix
Fixed an issue with not being able to convert data from older versions.
Build 6.7.6
Sep 12, 2017
General Bug Fixes
Build 6.7.5
Jun 16, 2017
General Bug Fixes
Build 6.7.4
Jun 8, 2017
LAV splitter added
We integrated LAV splitter into EasyWorship so you have better video playback for certain types of videos.
Support for BlackMagic
BlackMagic integration allows you to go direct without going through DirectShow.
Inspector Positioning
Keep the Inspector window where you want it, no matter if you close or open it multiple times.
Default Bible
The last Bible translation you used will be remembered and become the default Bible the next time you open EasyWorship.
Scripture Synching
When you select a scripture in the Schedule window, EasyWorship will also select that same scripture in the Resource Area.
On/Off Scripture Reflow
When adding scripture verses in bulk, you can set the default in Options to reflow the scriptures to multiple slides or not reflow and have all added verses stay on one slide.
Check for Changes
Never wonder again if resources have updated since you've used EasyWorship. Check for Changes does the work for you.
Update Schedule from Resources
We've expanded the functionality of Check for Changes/Update Local Computer to include updates or additional items that can be added to your resources from the Schedule Area as well as items updated in the schedule from the Resource Area.
Pack Schedule Options
Change your default settings to pack your schedule when saving or just leave it as is. It's up to you!
New Button Functionality
Easier access to creating new songs and presentations with the added function of a drop down menu to the New button.
Slide Logo Animations
Use full presentations as your logo and play through all animations and timings.
Media Store Button
Quickly get the media you need on Sunday morning with the Media Store Button on the toolbar.
Shadow Radius
A max value was added to the shadow radius allowing you to limit the distance.
Interlude and Vamp Tags
With more options on our default songs import tags, you can make sure your song structures are organized for your worship service.
Undo Clear / Black
Use the "Enter" key to quickly undo the Clear or Black button in the live selector or live ledger view area.
Scripture Reference
Let your perfectionist out and make sure the Scripture reference has the spacing it needs.
Drag and Drop Functionality
Increased functionality of drag and drop for media, scripture and songs into your schedule.
Sort by Language
Organize your Database by sorting in your preferred language.
Song File Type
Improved ability to output song activity reports as .txt and songs as .txt or .csv files.
OTF Fonts
Added OTF font support.
Shortcut Keys for Alerts
Don't let copy and paste have all the shortcut fun. Use ctrl+m for message alerts, ctrl+n for nursery alerts, and ctrl+f for foldback alerts.
Scripture Reference Added
Keep your slides simple with the ability to show only the scripture reference.
CCLI License Number
Add your CCLI license number to the printed schedules.
Duplicate Slides
Save time and copy multiple slides at once.
Song Theme Reset
If the look of your songs isn't working for you anymore, reset all of them to the default theme.
General Bug Fixes
Build 6.5.5
Sep 19, 2016
General Bug Fixes
Build 6.5.4
Sep 15, 2016
General Bug Fixes
Build 6.5.3
Sep 8, 2016
General Bug Fixes
Build 6.5.2
Sep 6, 2016
SQLite Error Resolved
Fixed issue with new version of SQLite causing errors due to table aliases getting dropped on column names.
Build 6.5.1
Sep 6, 2016
Message Alerts
Use Message Alerts as a way to inform the congregation taking over the whole screen.
Message Tokens and Countdowns
Customize Message Alerts with Countdowns and Message Tokens.
Service Start and Stop Times
Message Alert Countdowns can be customized with your church's start and stop times.
Disable Auto Expand
Disable items in the schedule from auto expanding when you drag and drop them into the Schedule Area.
Auto Rotate JPEGs
EasyWorship will auto rotate jpeg image files when the orientation is not correct.
Speed up RTF Parsing
Improved the way EasyWorship handles copied and pasted text to make the Editor faster.
Font Fallback
If EasyWorship doesn't have the font you're using, choose which font in options that you want it to fall back to instead.
More Spellcheck Options
Enjoy more options added to spellcheck in the Editor.
Font Finder
Quickly find the font you want to use by typing the font name in the font drop down menu.
Scroll Wheel
Use the Scroll Wheel to find the font you need in the font drop down menu.
Adjust Sizing
In the Editor window, you can select all text and remove auto size mode by adjusting text size up or down.
Overwrite Text
Increased text edit functionality in the Editor window.
Check Before Deleting
We've added a check before deleting function that won't let you automatically delete a media or theme if it's already being used.
Copy Scriptures
Now you can right-click and select "Copy Scriptures to Clipboard" when you're searching for Scripture in the main window.
General Bug Fixes
Build 6.4.8
Dec 1, 2015
General Bug Fixes
Build 6.4.7
Nov 20, 2015
General Bug Fixes
Build 6.4.6
Nov 13, 2015
General Bug Fixes
Build 6.4.5
Nov 11, 2015
General Bug Fixes
Build 6.4.4
Nov 10, 2015
General Bug Fixes
Build 6.4.3
Nov 10, 2015
Use Wheel Mouse to Outline Editor
Use the Wheel Mouse in outline editor.
Classic Preview Panel
You can view EasyWorship 6 in classic preview panel, which is the look of Version 2007/2009.
Classic Ledger View
You can view EasyWorship 6 in classic ledger view.
New View Type
You have the option of a new view type with preview and live output in the one view.
Nursery Alert
Grab a parent's attention without interrupting the service with Nursery Alerts.
Save or Link to Videos in Schedule
Save videos in your schedule or link to local videos and speed up saving when your schedule is not used on another computer.
General Bug Fixes
Build 6.3.3
Jul 24, 2015
General Bug Fixes
Build 6.3.2
Jul 21, 2015
Foldback Info
Let the people on stage know what's coming up with the next life info on foldback.
Default Font (Live and Foldback)
Your Live and Foldback screen font options can be changed all at once with the new default font in options.
Larger Thumbnails
Have Higher DPI? Our thumbnail sizes are now adapted for your computer resolution.
General Bug Fixes
Build 6.3.1
Jun 22, 2015
General Bug Fixes
Build 6.3.0
Jun 16, 2015
Expand/Collapse All Items in Schedule
New Menu Items like you expand/collapse all items in your schedule.
Page Up / Page Down
When selecting your media, scripture, bibles or themes, use the Page Up and Page Down buttons to browse.
Backspace Key Function Improvement
Backspace Key will delete records in the resource and schedule areas.
Tab Across
Use the Tab key to access different controls in the main area.
General Bug Fixes
Build 6.2.2
Jun 15, 2015
As You Type Search Function
As you type, our resource search engine is looking for your solution.
Demo Data
Don't like the demo date? Remove it or add it. It's entirely up to you.
Repeat Video and Audio
Put your video or audio on repeat with repeating option in the Video and Audio Properties editor.
Drag Media Items
In a schedule, you can now drag media items into the middle of a song or scripture.
Set Foreground / Background
Be specific with your media by designating it as a foreground or a background item.
Select Default Font Size
Keep your default font size easy to access in the font size drop down window.
General Bug Fixes
Build 6.2.1
May 14, 2015
General Bug Fixes
Build 6.2.0
May 11, 2015
Schedule Report
Generate reports of the Schedule Details.
2009 Schedules
Open and import your EasyWorship 2009 schedules.
General Bug Fixes
Build 6.1.9
Mar 31, 2015
General Bug Fixes
Build 6.1.8
Mar 14, 2015
Start-Up Error Fix
Fixed an exception on start-up that occurs if you have a comma (,) set as your decimal separator in Windows Regional Settings.
Build 6.1.7
Mar 10, 2015
PowerPoint 64Bit
Added support for 64Bit PowerPoint.
Better Editing
In the Editor window, you can now select and change values across multiple slides.
Create Themes from Media
Love the newest piece of media and want to create a theme from it? When your browsing your media library, simply right click on the video and image and select "Create Themes".
General Bug Fixes
Build 6.1.6
Feb 13, 2015
General Bug Fixes
Build 6.1.5
Jan 27, 2015
Slide Navigation Support
Added slide and label references to slide navigation.
General Bug Fixes
Build 6.1.4
Jan 23, 2015
Foldback Clock
Keep your speaker on time with the new clock added to Foldback.
Global Hotkeys
Support for global hotkeys added.
Reset Presentations
Presentations can now be reset back to the global default in the Inspector.
Collections Tag
Imported items can be added to Collections using a rule.
Old EasyWorship Support
Added support for converting previous options, settings, profiles, song background/overrides and background.
General Bug Fixes
Build 6.1.3
Dec 23, 2014
General Bug Fixes
Build 6.1.2
Dec 19, 2014
General Bug Fixes
Build 6.1.1
Dec 16, 2014
Faster Foldback
Increased speed of video rendering to Foldback.
Full Screen YouTube
Loving that YouTube video for your upcoming sermon? Now you can play YouTube videos full screen through EasyWorship.
Tab Key Added
Use the tab key to navigate the Scripture lookup fields.
General Bug Fixes