Media Resource Shortcuts

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Media Resource Shortcuts

Postby GRBCMedia » Tue Jul 12, 2011 10:58 pm

In setting up our new PC with a different drive set up I ran into an issue that hopefully is remedied in the new version.

The old PC only has a C: drive (80 GB) while new has a C: (120 GB SSD) and a D: (500 GB HD). I am storing the actual images and videos on the hard disk and the programs on the SSD. The shortcuts are in the Resource folder and point to D:, however the schedule does not appear to use the shortcut but the actual path. So, even though the media tabs show the proper path the schedule does not and fails to display video backgrounds.

I also noticed even though the Media/Images reflected the right path the displayed thumbnails were blank, I assume because the database has the C: path instead of the shortcut to D:. However the Media\Videos still referred to C: and had the yellow exclamation icon; the shortcuts in the Resource folder were set to D:.

So it seems the Videos and Images tabs are behaving differently. It would be nice if they behaved the same and the Resource folders were used as true shortcuts to the actual files.
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