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Creating H.264 / MP4 Videos

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Here are some general guidlines for creating H.264 and MP4 videos for use in EasyWorship. Remeber to install the K-Lite Codec Pack in order to play these videos in EasyWorship.


Codec - AVC or H.264 (3GPP)

H.264/AVC Profile - BaseLine

Video Resolution - 1280x720 for HD videos.

Bit Rate - 3 - 11 Mbps

If the video qaulity is good, but the vdieo does not play smoothly, try lowering the bit rate. 
If the video plays well, but the quality is low, increase the bit rate. 

Frame Rate - 29.97 fps


Codec - AAC LC (AAC Low Complexity)

Bit Rate Mode - CBR

Bit Rate - 128 Kbps

Channels - 2

Sampling rate - 44.1 KHz

Resolution - 16 bits

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