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Installing Sample Media for EasyWorship 2007

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The videos and images that come with EasyWorship, are only available on the CD and will be installed automatically if you install EasyWorship for the first time from the CD.   If you installed EasyWorship first from the web download, you will have to install the videos and images manually.

Insert the EasyWorship CD into your CD Rom drive.  (It does not matter what version of EasyWorship is on the disk) 

Close the Install Menu if it appears. 


Installing the default videos for EasyWorship:


1. Open EasyWorship.

2. Click on the Media tab.

3. Click the Add button on the Videos tab.  

The Add Videos window will appear. 

4. Browse to your CD rom drive and open the Resources folder.

5. Then open the Videos folder. 

6. On your keyboard, press CTRL+A to select all the videos. 

(You may need to select the first video in the list first.)

7. Click Open.  That will add the videos to your EasyWorship resource area.


Installing the default images for EasyWorship:


 1. Click on the Images tab.

 2. Click the Add button.

 3. Browse to your CD Rom drive and open the Resources folder

 4. Then open the Images folder.

You will see 5 different folders. 

 5. Open the first folder and press CTRL+A on the keyboard to select all the images in that folder

(You may need to select the first image in the list first.)

 6. Click Open. 

The images will be added to the resources area. 

 7. After the images are added, Repeat Steps 2-6 for the rest of the folders.


Installing the default backgrounds for EasyWorship: 


Once you have all the images and videos in the resources area, you can add them to the backgrounds if you want. 


 1. Click on the Songs or Scriptures tab.

 2. Click the Background button at the top of the screen.

 3. Click Options. 

 4. Click the Add Multiple button and browse to:

Windows XP: C:>Documents and Settings>All Users>Shared Documents>Softouch>EasyWorship>Default>Resources,

Windows Vista: C:>Users>Public>Public Documents>Softouch>EasyWorship>Default>Resources 

 5. Open the images folder and press CTRL+A to select all.

(You may need to select the first image in the list first.)

 6. Click Open

 7. Then click the Add Multiple button again.

 8. Browse to the same location on Step 4.

 9. Open the Images folder and press CTRL+A to select all

(You may need to select the first video in the list first.)

10. Click Open. 

11. Once those are added, click OK.


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